How a Black Tea Rinse Can Stop Hair Shedding Instantly!

Updated: October 16, 2021

how to stop excessive shedding with a black tea rinse

My number one recommendation for how to stop hair shedding right in its tracks is a black or green tea rinse.

I’d also like to start this off by saying, if you’re dealing with excessive hair shedding and hair loss, you are not alone. We’re all either going through it or have gone through it at different parts of our hair journey — and to varying degrees!

So this is definitely a safe space where you can learn about how to combat hair loss and excessive hair shedding if you’re experiencing it all over your head, not just only at your hairline, edges, or nape

In this article, I’m going to tell you all about how tea rinses work to stop hair shedding, and how you can make them yourself at home! 

What is the difference between hair breakage, hair loss, and hair shedding?

Before we talk about how to deal with a problem, we have to make sure we have a clear and precise definition of it. Here are a few terms it’ll be helpful to know:

Hair Shedding

Hair shedding occurs when strands of hair fall off with the bulbous root still attached. So if you notice hair in your brush that still has the white, bulb-like root attached, then it is shed hair.

Hair Breakage

This looks like little pieces of hair of varying lengths, without its root. This happens when the hair breaks off from a weak point along the shaft of the hair, during the course of its growth. 

Hair Loss

This is usually characterized by hair shedding, but with no possibility of regrowth of the shed hair until the cause of the hair loss has been stopped. Hair loss may result in temporary or permanent bald spots and is scientifically referred to as anagen effluvium.

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What is EXCESSIVE Hair Shedding?

Human hair sheds every day and this is completely normal.
Your hair is supposed to shed an average of 50-100 strands A DAY. I know. 

To put this in perspective, if you detangle your hair with a comb or brush once a week, you should expect about 350-750 strands of shed hair. This may sound and look like a lot, trust me I know, but it would not be considered excessive. 

However, if your hair appears to shed a lot more than this and you may be experiencing excessive hair shedding, medically referred to as telogen effluvium.

It is also important to know that everyone’s rate of hair shedding is different. So pay close attention to how much hair you usually lose on a wash day, so you will notice when it becomes excessive.

What Causes Excess Hair Shedding?

The most common causes of excessive shedding in natural hair include:

  • Stress. We talk a lot about this in this post about regrowing edges. Stress is dangerous to the human body!

  • Pregnancy and giving birth (postpartum shedding)

  • Drastic and rapid weight loss

  • Experiencing fever

  • Undergoing surgery

  • Illness and recovering from illness

  • Starting or stopping certain medications like birth control 

How to Stop Excessive Hair Shedding

The easiest and quickest way to stop excessive hair shedding is by using an Ayurvedic herbal black or green tea rinse.

These rinses can be made with organic green tea, black tea, or even moringa! We have a dedicated post on the benefits of moringa, here!

Green tea contains more antioxidants than black tea, while black tea has more caffeine than green tea. As a result, both teas are effective in their own way to stop excessive hair shedding. So just use the tea you already have in your kitchen cabinet! 

The biggest reason these tea rinses work is because of their caffeine content, as caffeine blocks DHT production.

DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is a hormone derivative of testosterone. Though it is beneficial in the body for things like maintaining muscle mass and promoting sexual health and fertility, it has notable negative side effects when it comes to hair. 

DHT can link with receptors on your scalp, causing them to shrink and become incapable of supporting healthy hair.

How to Make a Green or Black Tea Rinse for Hair

What you will need:


  1. Bring the 2 cups of water to a boil

  2. Pour the boiling water over the tea, and let steep for about 10 minutes, or until lukewarm

  3. Strain and pour the tea into a spray bottle for easy application 

how to use a green tea or black tea rinse for hair shedding

How to Use the Black Tea Rinse for Shedding

  1. After washing your hair, but before your deep conditioner, spray the roots of your hair and scalp directly with your homemade tea rinse. You can spray the length of your strands too if you feel like your hair needs it. The tea also provides enormous benefits to the hair and scalp besides stopping hair shedding. 

  2. Cover the hair with a shower cap, and let the tea rinse sit on the hair for 15-30 minutes. Rinse with cold water and deep condition your hair. Continue with your hair routine as usual.

  3. You should notice an almost immediate difference in your rate of hair shedding! This is one of the few Ayurvedic recipes which provide immediate benefits and is one you should definitely keep in your hair toolshed. 

  4. Don’t forget to write down how your hair feels in your State of the Union list when you try the hair rinse with either green tea or black tea! 

What Other Benefits do Black Tea Rinses Have on Natural Hair

  1. Strengthening: Teas strengthen the hair follicles and hair strands. They can be used as a mild protein treatment or strengthening spritz. 

  2. Promotes Blood Circulation: A black tea rinse stimulates and increases blood flow to the scalp.

  3. Enhances Shine: Teas add shine and enhance the color of natural hair.

  4. Promotes Scalp Health: A black tea rinse nourish the scalp and act as antimicrobial, and anti-fungal treatments. They prevent and combat dandruff and scalp irritation.

Here’s a demo from Naptural85, who we love making and using a green tea rinse in her natural hair regimen. 

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How a Black Tea Rinse Can Stop Hair Shedding Instantly!

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