The Inversion Method for Hair Growth (Debunked!)

Is the inversion method works for hair growth

In this article, we’re going to be covering the inversion method in detail, and whether or not this hair growth method is actually effective. Additionally, we cover the steps to perform the inversion method effectively, how often to do it, and what oils to use for the process.

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What is the Inversion Method?

The inversion method is the act of holding the head upside down as a way to induce blood flow to the head. In addition to keeping the head inverted, the inversion method involves massaging the scalp with nutrient-rich oils. This circulation of blood to the head is what is flows nutrients to the scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. 

Is the Inversion Method scientifically proven for hair growth?

There is no scientific proof that the inversion method promotes faster hair growth. However, the premise of the method is definitely backed by science. This study, for example, shows that increased blood flow to the scalp leads to healthier hair growth.

This is because encouraging blood flow leads to an increased diameter of the blood vessels in the scalp, and ultimately better oxygen and nutrient delivery to the scalp.

Unfortunately, there is no proof that inversion leads to increased speed of hair growth.  In other words, no, your hair will not grow 2 inches overnight as a result of the inversion method. However, there is a chance of regrowing healthier, thicker hair in previously sparse areas. 

Here at Hibiscus Roots, our opinion is that it doesn’t hurt to try the inversion method in an effort to encourage healthier, thicker natural hair growth. Similar to regular scalp massages, or oils like rosemary oil, anything that encourages blood flow to the scalp can only benefit the health of your hair. 

5 Steps to do the Inversion Method

To perform the inversion method, thee following steps are involved: 

  1. Select a nourishing oil or one you’ve infused yourself (recipes here) and apply it to the tips of your fingers. 

  2. Next, find a place to do your inversion — over the side of the bed or couch is usually convenient.

  3. You can perform your inversion by laying on the bed/couch with your head dangling over the edge, or standing and folding forward bringing your head as close to your knees as possible.

  4. While your head is inverted, gently massage your scalp with your fingers or a scalp brush. (shop this one we love from Amazon!)

  5. Hold this position for up to 4 minutes, but don’t feel pressure to hold it longer than you’re comfortable with. Stop as soon as you start to feel uncomfortable or light-headed.

  6. Gently and slowly get out of the position.

How often should you do the Inversion Method for Hair Growth?

To experience the most benefits from the inversion method, perform the inversion every other day for a week. Then, repeat the process after 3 weeks. This basically translates to 3-4 times a month, every month. 

The reason we don’t recommend performing the inversion method every single day is that your blood vessels can become accustomed to the blood rush. If this happens, there will be no additional benefits to performing the inversion.

What oils can I use for the inversion method?

The best oils to use for the inversion method are oils that are nourishing for the scalp, and naturally encourage hair growth. Some of these oils include: 

  1. Castor oil (read our article about castor oil here)

  2. Fenugreek oil (recipe here)

  3. Amla oil (recipe here)

  4. Henna oil (recipe here)

  5. Peppermint oil (added to a carrier oil like olive oil, or avocado oil)

  6. Rosemary oil (added to a carrier oil like olive oil, or avocado oil) (recipe here)

  7. Tea tree oil (added to a carrier oil like olive oil, or avocado oil)

  8. Lavender oil (added to a carrier oil like olive oil, or avocado oil)

What other methods can I use to increase hair growth?

  1. Use products with all-natural ingredients

  2. Adopt a minimal natural hair regimen

  3. Always keep your scalp healthy

We have an entire article dedicated to ways to grow your natural hair without using chemicals that you can read the complete 11-step list right here!

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The Inversion Method for Hair Growth (Debunked!)The Inversion Method for Hair Growth (Debunked!)The Inversion Method for Hair Growth (Debunked!)

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